Camitzke Press is an imprint created by author Marilyn Campbell for the independent publishing of young adult novels, Trains to Concordia (2015) and its sequel, A Train to Nowhere (2018). Both novels are history-based as they explore the orphan train movement through the eyes of orphan riders who are placed in the homes of strangers in the Midwest.

The years 1892 to 1901 touch on the heartbreaks and triumphs of Charley and Jennie O'Brien, and Christina Batachi. As they face hardships and uncertainty, Charley and Christina survive the challenges of Prairie life in the first novel while Jennie comes to recognize drawbacks to living a privileged existence.

In the sequel, as the characters reach young adulthood, they aren't afraid to grab opportunity by the throat when it presents itself. Jennie defies authority from an over-bearing mother. Charley seeks independence and financial security in the belly of a boxcar heading west. Christina makes up her own rules as she accompanies him on this cross-country adventure. All three characters wrestle for a place in a society balanced on the edge of twentieth century America.